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What do these homeowners think about their historic home remodel?

Will Cord


Finished Front Porch Remodel - Daniel Builders

For over a year Daniel Builders has been telling the story of a historic home remodel in downtown Pendleton SC.

This project was the theme of 4 part video series titled "Another 100 Years", which is available on the Daniel Builders YouTube page. The series provides a realistic overview of the challenges and setbacks of remodeling a century old home. Although the series provided great info, some major questions went largely unanswered as this remodeling story unfolded. What were the homeowners experiencing? How did they feel about the process? And how do they feel about the finished product? Fortunately, they were willing to openly address these questions in a five minute video. The video also showcases the beauty of their fully furnished home.


This is the Another 100 Years remodeling story as told by the homeowner.


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Watch episode one: Another 100 years 1 of 3.

Watch episode two: Another 100 years 2 of 3.

Watch episode three: Another 100 years 3 of 3.

Watch the stunning conclusion: Century Home Remodel.

Watch the client testimonal: Another 100 Years Client.

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