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Who is your structural sounding board?

Will Cord


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Who is your structural sounding board? Want to move a wall in your condo? While there are many con-”DOs”, there are plenty of con-”DON’TS” when it comes to building structure and safety.

Our guest on this episode of Ready, Set, Renovate! is an expert in structural integrity. His name is Chad Brendle, and he’s the owner of CB Engineering Group. Chad joins us to explore the complexities of remodeling within multi-story buildings. Whether you’re a condo owner looking to remodel or a prospective buyer seeking information, Chad’s insight provides a firm foundation…in more ways than one!


So, let's get to it! 


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0:00 Introduction

1:00 Chad's Engineering Background

3:13 What is Structural Engineering?

4:50 Building Evaluation & Forensics

7:25 Identifying a Condo's Load-Bearing Walls

8:14 Window Remodeling in Condos

9:30 What are Load Paths? 

11:15 HOA Collaboration

11:59 Structural Evaluation Deliverables

12:53 Building Age & Longevity

15:21 The Impact of Water

17:09 Recommendations for Condo Buyers

19:21 Conclusion

19:46 How to Contact Daniel Builders

19:58 Invitation to Future Podcast Guests

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