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How do you know you’ve found a trustworthy trade contractor?

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How do you know you’ve found a trustworthy trade contractor?

Of course, competence is key. A positive attitude, genuine passion for the work, and a drive for excellence are additional qualities that build trust. Do you know anybody who fits that description?  We do! Our guest on this episode of Ready, Set, Renovate! is Nate Collins. He’s the Lead Electrician at Trusted Tradesmen & Co. On this episode, Nate shares distinctions between electrical systems in condos and single-family homes. If you own a condo or are considering the purchase of a condo, stay "current" with the latest episode in our Condo Living series! Nate's expertise, eloquence, and energy certainly "spark" some interesting conversation! 


So, let's get to it! 


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0:00 Introduction

0:45 Nate's Background & Experience

1:41 Condos: Residential or Commercial?

2:48 Condo Electrical Systems

4:09 Are Condos Energy Efficient?

5:36 Condo Maintenance: When to Call an Electrician

6:37 Condos vs. Single-family Homes

9:10 Condo Trends: Smart Home Innovations

11:08 Conclusion

11:21 How to Contact Daniel Builders

11:31 Invitation to Future Podcast Guests

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