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Here are the characteristics of an amazing kitchen renovation.

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Here are the characteristics of an amazing kitchen renovation. How well does your kitchen work for you? Soon the heavy cooking/entertaining holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here. And they will reveal much (good, bad, and ugly) about your kitchen. It's the perfect time to evaluate and move toward a more functional and inspirational kitchen space.

Here are 5 areas where your kitchen can work better for you.

  1. Island - Workstation - From a functional standpoint, the island is your kitchen’s greatest asset. Why? An island has all the functional elements - countertop space, storage, and appliance options. Plus, you have 360-degree access to all of it. You’re basically adding a whole new dimension of functionality. As for inspiration, the island is a perfect area for displaying what inspires you to cook, like your favorite cookbooks.

  2. Cabinetry - Work Clutter Free - Kitchen space is prime real estate and good cabinetry ensures you don’t waste any of it. Focus your spending here. And if you insist on cutting corners with cabinetry, then do so with an appliance garage. One of the most effective ways to utilize corner space! As for inspiration, beautiful kitchens all have one common element - beautiful cabinetry.

  3. Lighting - Work with Clarity - The realm of kitchen lighting is full of many new cutting-edge developments. Whether it’s pendants, recess, flush mounts, track lighting or a beautiful chandelier, really good lighting options are available. As for getting power to the light source, plug mold multi outlet strips to under counter electrical box fit nicely in almost any design. As for inspiration, you want your kitchen radiant.

  4. Appliances - Work toward Reliability - Literally countless gimmicks will temp you to make an impulse buy. Don’t take the bait. Your design (#5) should be guiding you through appliance selection long before you hit the showroom floor. Remember reliability is your highest priority and having a strong warranty a close second. As for the endless features? You can educate yourself first online. As for inspiration, appliances make a great supporting cast for beautiful kitchens.

  5. Layout - Make it Work - What is your cooking style? Gourmet chef or microwave warrior? Do you entertain? Do you want others “hanging out” in your kitchen? Or is it your exclusive domain? Questions like this should shape your kitchen's design and layout. As for inspiration, a great design process helps you visualize your kitchen (and make all the right selections) before it becomes a WOW reality.

Your functional and inspirational kitchen is one Daniel Builders design-renovation away.

Are you contemplating a major home renovation? Speak with a Daniel Builders project guide by calling 864.506.5546 and discuss the best path forward for your custom renovation or get your renovation started here!

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