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Buy and renovate a home in Upstate South Carolina. Many are!

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The secret is out. People want to live and renovate homes in the Upstate of South Carolina. There are several reasons to move to this part of South Carolina.

Living in the Upstate of South Carolina has its benefits, and people are moving here in droves. Daniel Builders has met with numerous new residents from the Northeast, Northwest, and West Coast. We’ve added some very gifted employees to our team from other parts of the country as well. Why are they coming? Here are 7 positive characteristics that make Upstate of South Carolina - Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Oconee and Pickens - so appealing.

Proximity to Metropolitan Areas - The I-85 corridor from Charlotte to Atlanta is becoming known as “Charlanta”. Here’s the point. Living in Upstate SC grants you easy, access to these metro areas while not having to live in them. Instead, you can choose a town size that suits you.

  1. Low Property Taxes - South Carolina ranks as the 5th lowest in terms of property taxes.

  2. Beautiful Landscapes - From mountains to lakes to rolling landscapes, Upstate residents have an abundance of beautiful views. And this natural beauty intensifies each Spring and Fall as brilliant colors are everywhere.

  3. Friendly People - Nice people may be going into extinction, but not here. Genuine southern hospitality characterizes so much of our service industry.

  4. Political Sanity - SC is no political utopia but compared to other areas it may appear that way. Integrity and rational thought are still part of our political system. And voters are motivated to elect leaders who value freedom. That may very well be the single greatest attraction to our State.

  5. Small Business and Employment Opportunity - Daniel Builders is the perfect example. We began in 2007 and today we’re a thriving business employing over 30 people. If we did it, then it’s possible for anyone. It’s not just small business opportunities either. Big employers like BMW, Michelin Tires, GE, Miliken, and Wal-Mart are investing heavily in the local workforces.

  6. Recreational Opportunities - Whether you’re a College Football fan, a Cycling enthusiast, or Bass Fishing guru there’s countless ways to spend your free time doing something truly enjoyable.

Vast amounts of people are choosing to move here rather than remain in other states. We warmly welcome all and hope no one loses sight of what makes this a great place to live.

Whether you’re new to the area or been here for decades, we’d love to hear your renovation ideas. Speak with a Daniel Builders project guide by calling 864.506.5546 and discuss the best path forward for your custom renovation or get your renovation started here!

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We’d love to hear from you!  Whether you’re ready to start a major remodel, or simply learn more about our process, we’re ready to assist.
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