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Highlights from an action packed 2023.

Will Cord


Drone View of a Residential Area of Greenville South Carolina - Daniel Builders

2023 is slowing to a halt and that’s an opportunity to reflect on what just happened over the last 12 months. And a lot happened! Here are seven highlights from an action packed 2023 at Daniel Builders. 

1. Built to Last - April marked the completion of multi month remodel of a historic home within walking distance of downtown Pendleton, SC. Every square inch of the home was included in the scope of work as a century old home was refurbished to last another century. Only studs were showing once demo was complete, and some of those were even replaced. The big reveal took place during a summer celebration as numerous friends and family gathered to see the transformed home. A delightful time enjoyed by all! The two photos below provide only a glimpse of how massive the transformation was, but you can get the full scoop, including videos, on our website or hear the client's perspective in this video testimonial.

Hallway Leading to a Kitchen Before Renovation - Daniel Builders

Hallway Leading to a Brick Fireplace After Renovation - Daniel Builders

2. Go Small, Go Viral - For the first time Daniel Builders had a social media post go viral. A detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) was at the center of all the attention. Only 350 square feet, and constructed in the backyard of a Greenville residence, this tiny home had a sizable impact. And as these photos show, its hard not to love this small dwelling!

3. Super-Sized Addition - From small and detached to large and attached we wrapped up an ADU of another type this year. This one in the heart of downtown Greenville, a place where many are search for suitable living space. Finding it was easy for these clients. Instead of moving out they added on. The outcome was stunning! Below is the before shot and here is what it turned into. The drone shot with Greenville's downtown in the skyline is must see, probably our best photo of the year! 

4. Photogenic Kitchen - Our current Build Director, Sean Harvey, Project Managed this kitchen remodel. He also has the unique distinction of being the photographer. Sean isn't a professional photographer (though he may aspire to be), but this kitchen didn't need professional photography. As you can see the beauty and design shine through regardless of who is snapping the photo.

5. Attic Living - When was the last time you discovered something valuable about your home? In 2023 we helped clients discover a beautiful room above their heads. Once an unappealing storage area, this attic space turned into something truly inviting. And to think it was always there the whole time, just under the roof.

6. Artistic Flair - We learn so much about our clients during the Design phase of our process. For example some have a real artistic flair when it comes to create a design for their home. Such was the case for these clients. In 2023 their design input resulted in a decorative custom rail and an inspiring doorway. Listen as they tell their remodeling story on the Ready, Set, Renovate podcast! 

7. Building a Bridge Collection - One memorable evening of 2023 was the night we took home eight Bridge Awards. That was a first! See the complete list and read about those projects here.

Are you ready to make your own great remodeling memories in 2024? Speak with a Daniel Builders project guide by calling 864.506.5546 and discuss the best path forward for your custom renovation or get your renovation started here!

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