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Finding the right answers is clarifying! This is especially true before your home undergoes a major transformation. We recognize the investment you're about to make is significant. Time, money and ultimately your home is at stake. Here are Frequently Asked Questions to help you Design-Build your custom renovation with eyes wide open.


Why has Daniel Builders chosen Guide-Design-Build as its model? How does Guide-Design-Build lend itself to a successful project?

Our Guide-Design-Build process is a proactive approach to eliminating unknowns and aims to ease anxieties and increase the efficiency of construction - a mutually beneficial approach for both client and builder. Our Project Guides and Design Team identify and clarify the details of a renovation and establish a total cost prior to the start of Build (construction). There are two alternatives to our approach - we do not recommend either. 1) Starting a renovation without a clear design. 2) Starting a renovation with a design created apart from the Builder’s input. Both alternatives are problematic and frequently lead to unfulfilled client expectations. Our Guide-Design-Build process establishes, clarifies, and ultimately produces the “finished product” our client envisions. Our Build Team (also known as the production staff) provides helpful input to the Design Team so both are “on the same page” from the start. This ensures that the project is buildable and cost effective. Once all Design is complete (drawings, selections, detailed scope of work and fixed cost), our Build Team can move forward with ultra-efficiency.


What is a realistic timeline to renovate (not an HGTV one)?

Timeline depends largely on a project’s scope. Larger, more complex projects require more time to design and build. Here are a few reasonable timeline expectations. Custom kitchens or bathrooms generally take 4-6 weeks to design. Whole house renovation can take up to 6 months to design depending of complexity. A custom home can take 4-10 months. Once design is complete, production starts. A custom kitchen or custom bathroom timeline may take up to 8 weeks build. Obviously, smaller bathrooms take less, likely to be around 4 weeks. A whole home renovation requires 6-10 months to build. And a new custom home can take over a year to build. As you go through our design process, the Build timeline will become clear.


What size/scope of project requires me to move out of my house during renovations?

Being out of your home during a renovation is always beneficial, and sometimes absolutely necessary. Such is the case when a home is completely gutted. Though a vacant home is optimal, we understand vacating your home is not always feasible. Our team minimizes interruption to your family and home life when renovating an occupied home.


What are some main influences on the total cost of a project?

To rephrase the question, what causes renovation sticker shock? Our renovation process starts with a price range, known as a TIRe (Target Investment Range). Staying within this range requires 1) you add nothing more to the original scope and 2) you monitor how selections (ex. Fixtures and Flooring) impact overall price. Choosing high end selections will make your price go up. The last thing anyone wants is to be sticker shocked.


What is a TIRe?

A Target Investment Range is the projected range of cost for your custom renovation. A TIRe is developed based on communication during a Project Vision Meeting. The TIRe is neither an estimate nor quote. A fixed price quote will be determined once Design is complete. A client must communicate the level of finish they seek for a TIRe to be accurate. Our team provides a Project Guide (staff member) to help the client articulate an overall project vision.


What is a fixed price quote?

A fixed price is the sum of what a client pays for their project. This sum will only change if a client initiates a 1) change order or 2) existing damage (such as significant rot) is uncovered during the renovation. We do not break down cost, nor do we use the cost-plus method. Instead, we provide a lump sum amount so clients know exactly how much they will spend. Line item pricing is unproductive and inaccurate for a large remodel because each line item impacts all other line items. For example, you cannot negotiate an automobile price based on the line item cost of a steering wheel or seat belt.


How much do renovations cost?

Short answer - A lot! Most Design-Build residential renovations are only worth doing if you plan stay in your home for a long period of time. You will never recoup your full investment in the short term, if ever. Which is why we customize each renovation to a client’s unique expectations.


Can I finance my renovation?

Yes, we can put you in touch with lenders who assist residential renovations.


With so many contractor horror stories, why should I trust Daniel Builders?

We are not perfect, and we do make mistakes, however, what sets us apart is our track record for resolving problems and owning mistakes. We take a proactive approach to building trust. And we have numerous happy clients and positive reviews to validate that claim.


What characterizes our best clients?

Keeping appointments and responsive communication is vital to our process, and ensures you have a positive experience. At each phase of your renovation you will have the opportunity to ask questions and let us know where further clarification is needed. Be upfront with your concerns from the first phone conversation, and at the Project Vision Meeting. It is important we dialogue about what matters most to you, and you make an informed/confident decision.


Why choose Guide-Design-Build?

We want to Guide you through a process so you know exactly what your finished renovation will look like and cost. This requires a lot of planning on the front end (Design). Ultimately, the construction process (Build) will be significantly smoother.


What do I do if I am not happy with someone on the Daniel Builders' team?

Voice your concerns immediately. The sooner we know the quicker we can resolve your concern. Communicate the problem via email to your Design manager, Production manager or Project manager. Client to Contractor communication is as important as Contractor to Client communication. We wish to know exactly what your expectations are.


Will the project schedule be communicated?

At the end of Design, you will receive a proposed start and finish date as well as weekly updates during Build.


Will someone be working onsite everyday during the remodel?

Some days, no one will be onsite. This does not indicate a day in your remodel. Even when no one is on the job site your project manager is still accessible during normal business hours. As a client you will receive a project timeline and projected completion date. Delays will be proactively communicated.


When will I be expected to pay for my project?

A progress payment schedule is provided when you sign an Agreement to Build. Invoices are generally issued at the point of rough-in inspection, the start of cabinetry and the final walk-through. Your last invoice is issued after your project is complete and you are satisfied.


How do I know if Daniel Builders' Guide-Design-Build process is right for me?

A fifteen-minute phone conversation is free and can help you determine a lot. Daniel Builders is not the right fit for every remodel. When we're not the right fit we attempt to guide you to a contractor who best matches your needs and expectations.

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We’d love to hear from you!  Whether you’re ready to start a major remodel, or simply learn more about our process, we’re ready to assist.
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