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Take this approach preparing for storm damage.

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Massive Tree Crushed Into Side of Home - Daniel Builders

The forethought necessary to renovate and repair your home after storm damage has occurred. Here are 7 ways to approach storm damage to your home.

  1. Stay Safe - first & foremost keep yourself out of harm’s way. Climbing on your roof with a chainsaw is highly inadvisable. Damage to your home is far better than personal injury or death.

  2. Minimize Damage - Find a reputable tree arborist to remove fallen trees/heavy limbs from your home, immediately tarp the area, and remove valuable furniture from the area to minimize further water damage. Quick, temporary repairs prevent further damage until the major structural issues can be corrected by a contractor.

  3. Be Patient - Fixing true structural damage is a process that requires careful planning and craftsmanship. Making unwise decisions to “speed up the process” causes more time-consuming problems.

  4. Choose Your Contractor Wisely - Get references, read reviews, and ask the 7 interview questions.

  5. Stay Local - Local contractors understand local permitting laws, and their reputation isn't a major mystery if they've been in the area for a while. Plus, they're less likely to skip town without warning.

  6. Get Everything in Writing - Verbal agreements don’t mean much until they’re in writing. Written agreements not only protect against fraud, but they also minimize disputes and misunderstandings regarding project expectations.

  7. Meet Project Manager - Meeting face to face with your “point person” (ie. person responsible for completing your repairs) ensures A) you're communicating with the right person and B) you're comfortable with this person being in and around your home once the project is underway.

Are you seeing major storm damage in your area? Let us know how Daniel Builders can be a resource to you, your family or friends. Speak with a Daniel Builders project guide by calling 864.506.5546 and discuss the best path forward for your custom renovation or get your renovation started here!

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