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Utilize the HBA of Greenville as a resource.

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The Home Builders Association of Greenville serves Upstate Builders and Renovation Contractors. Daniel Builders is a proud member of the Home Builders Association of Greenville (HBAGVL). The Building Trust Blog interviews the HBA executive director Taylor Lyles.

Accountability, education, advocacy, and endless opportunity to form productive partnerships is how HBAGVL has become a force for positive change in residential construction. Which ultimately benefits the homeowner. As part of our ongoing effort to Build Trust we recently interviewed executive VP, Taylor Lyles (TL), on behalf of our client base.

BTB: Why have an HBA?

TL: Great question. On a local level the Home Builders Association educates both builder and consumer. We have an Approved Professional Builder program to help consumers identify quality, vetted builders, which also provides criteria for home builders and renovation contractors seeking to establish a good reputation.

BTB: What qualifies a builder to be an Approved Professional Builder?

TL: We have some pretty rigorous expectations. Our builder members must be licensed, bonded, insured. Have been in business more than 1 year. Have ZERO outstanding liens and free and clear of major complaints within 1 year. Workers Compensation that is consistent with South Carolina State Law. All while using a written contract in all aspects of business with consumers. As we start looking into the future, we envision a continuing education for SC builders that will continue to ensure a high standard of quality.

BTB: How can a consumer know they’re hiring a good builder?

TL: Right out of the gate make sure they are licensed and bonded. Make sure the builder provides a written contract. Too often we see “fly-by-night” contractors disappear with a $20K-$40K down payment. That’s completely avoidable and should never happen. The HBA is here to help the consumer vet contractors.

BTB: What is the biggest threat from a government standpoint facing our industry?

TL: Three words. Land. Development. Regulations. And also, moratoriums. This is where governing bodies like a county council can halt all new construction. That’s very detrimental. In Greenville we need +100K more houses built over the next 20 years. Trying to stop new construction now will only create huge problems for citizens living in Upstate SC. It’s interesting to see council members standing with golden shovels in hand welcoming a new plant or business to the Upstate but giving no thought to where their labor force will live. Also, fewer housing options drives up pricing. So affordable housing can quickly become nonexistent.

BTB: The HBAGVL is a resource for all, but who can become a member?

TL: Great question. Anyone involved (or seeking to get involved) in the construction industry is eligible to be a member. That includes everyone from appliances vendors to those who provide insurance. And obviously Builders, Remodelers and Skilled Trade partners play a huge role in our membership. Each member has the potential to not only benefit our association but receive even greater benefit in return.

Visit HBAGVL or contact them at 864.254.0133 to learn more.

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