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Meet Tim Cutliff. Tim plays an integral part in the Daniel Builders Commercial Division! 

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At Daniel Builders we’re fortunate to have great employees gifted in multiple areas of the remodeling process. Today, we’re focusing on commercial remodels. In this blog, you’ll meet Tim Cutliff. Tim is a recent hire who plays an integral part in developing the Daniel Builders Commercial Division! 

Building Trust Blog (BTB): Tell us a little about your background in commercial construction.

Tim: I’ve been a project manager in commercial construction for over ten years, managing a range of projects from small tenant upfits to various new construction projects.

BTB: What factors make a commercial remodel successful?

Tim: Good client/builder communication. Trust is huge. When trust is lost, everything is impacted. From a business standpoint, losing trust means you’re not likely to have repeat business.

BTB: What are some of the major differences between a commercial remodel and a residential remodel?

Tim: There are similarities, but differences might include the scale of work. As a homeowner, you have a different level of sensitivity than you would with a commercial building.

BTB: Who do you interact with in your role?

Tim: I interact with commercial architects, commercial designers, commercial real estate brokers, property managers, building owners, and end users.

BTB: What is the competitive advantage of using Daniel Builders for commercial projects?

Tim: Having residential knowledge and experience is an advantage, which usually comes with more attention to detail and more focus on personal relationships. If you can succeed in residential then commercial is less challenging, even though they are different.

BTB: What excites you most about your role in the Commercial division? 

Tim: 1. The relationships: strengthening existing relationships and building new ones while executing projects with a high standard of excellence. 2. Honoring God in my work and doing my work for the glory of God as Colossians 3:23 talks about.


BTB: What’s next for the commercial division at Daniel Builders? 

Tim: We’re going to continue Building Trust, as previously established by the Daniel Builders brand. We’ll continue to uphold a high standard of excellence in projects large and small.

Are you interested in remodeling your space? Speak with a Daniel Builders project guide by calling 864.506.5546 and discuss the best path forward for your custom renovation or get your renovation started here!  Our team can transform your residential and commercial space!

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