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Take these 22 estimates as a gift.

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Daniel Builders doesn't provide free estimates but here is valuable info about the cost of a custom renovation. You may have heard the rumor about us: it's true, at least for the most part. Daniel Builders doesn’t give free estimates. Although here's an exception for you, our faithful blog audience. 22 average job costs to serve as rough estimates.

*Disclaimer Regarding Estimates* Estimates are merely a point of reference or ‘idea of cost’. Starting your custom renovation after seeing a free estimate is a grave mistake. Much like rolling dice with your home on the line. Why would you? Here are 7 steps to reaching a Fixed Cost Quote.

  1. Start with an average cost. A phone conversation or referencing the above link is typically all it takes. Again, this is only an idea of cost and NOT a quote. Nor is it reason to skip steps 2-7 and move directly into construction. The purpose is to educate and prevent future sticker shock.

  2. Share your Project Vision in detail. Articulate a transformation you envision and show the space you want renovated. Expect active listening and questions from your contractor, while he takes pictures, measurements, and notes. A good renovation contractor also serves as a renovation consultant, providing you valuable insights and info.

  3. Get a Target Investment Range (or TIRe). After your in-home meeting, make sure your vision is captured in writing and you receive a customized TIRe. Not a guesstimate or even an estimate, but a reliable price range unique to your custom renovation. That process requires effort and expertise from your contractor but puts you one step closer a Fixed Cost.

  4. Go through Design. The design phase can take 4 to 12 weeks depending on your project. The goal of design is to eliminate unknowns. A good Design process clarifies the scope, identifies all selections, and ultimately provides a fixed cost (5-7).

  5. Receive a Detailed Scope of Work. Assuming everyone is on the same page (when an actual page doesn’t exist) means a big-time train wreck is coming. Get everything in writing, especially what will and won't be included in the scope.

  6. Identify ALL Selections. A good contractor helps you select all finishes and fixtures before asking you to sign an agreement to build. “We’ll figure it out as go” approach leads to “This is costing way more than I expected.” Never something you want to say when your house is under construction.

  7. Agree to a Fixed Cost. Receiving a Fixed Cost Quote is now possible. You’ve taken all the necessary steps to eliminate unknowns, pinpoint exactly what you pay, and move into construction with confidence.

Beware of giving your $100K renovation to someone based on a ‘free’ estimate. Going that route is like walking deep into dark woods at midnight to investigate suspicious sounds. A renovation horror story will soon unfold.

Are you contemplating a major home renovation? Speak with a Daniel Builders project guide by calling 864.506.5546 and discuss the best path forward for your custom renovation or get your renovation started here!

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