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Good news found by the renovation contractor Daniel Builders.

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Good news found by the renovation contractor Daniel Builders. Disclaimer: What you're about to read has nothing to do with renovations. Still, if an award was given for our “Most Significant” blog post, this one would win by far.

I’m sure you've our society has become increasingly panic-stricken. The news networks rarely tell us anything calming or good, and social media thrives on deception. All this bad news begs the question: Is good news out there? The answer is yes. Good still happens in our American culture. And it's worth finding. You need to know where to look though, or face being swept away by a tidal wave of negativity.

So where is the good news? At Daniel Builders we recognize truly good news starts with God. He is doing good right now in our community, even as much of it goes largely unrecognized. The few recognizing this goodness are often at “rock bottom”. They have exhausted just about every option, but one -The Haven of Rest. The Haven specializes in helping people at rock bottom, and they frequently see God demonstrate amazing goodness. Recently, I sat down with Stu Butler, executive director of the Haven of Rest in Anderson. What he said is worth sharing.

Will: Who comes to the Haven of Rest for help?

Stu: Men and women struggling with a life dominating problem. Let me read you our Mission statement. The Haven of Rest exists to see those with life dominating problems rescued, restored and released while experiencing the love of the Lord Jesus Christ as commanded in the Great Commission of Matt 28:18-20.

Will: What does getting help look like for someone struggling with a live dominating problem?

Stu: We don’t advertise. We don’t have to advertise. Most people end up here by word of mouth. We have five pillars. Food. Shelter. Clothing. Christian Love. Biblical Guidance. If a person’s stomach is inside out from hunger, they can’t really listen very well. Or if someone is physically exhausted and they just need to lay down a while we can meet that need. So, we start by meeting basic needs, but that’s not where we stop.

Will: What motivates you?

Stu: The love of Christ, what He has done for me and what I see Him doing in other people’s lives. We see God doing miracles here every day and that is not only motivational but inspirational as well. I am motivated to leave things better than I found them. That is something that my dad taught me and it has stuck with me all these years. He did that and his legacy still lives on even though he passed away two years ago at age 92. I want to follow in my Father’s footsteps – both my earthly father and my heavenly Father. I want to leave a legacy that is larger than me and will last longer than me.

Will: Have you seen an increase or decrease in desperate, “rock bottom” people?

Stu: Unfortunately, we have seen an increase. Material poverty has been around for a long time but we also see spiritual poverty and relational poverty. Technology has connected us but also disconnected us and that creates relational poverty. So, we are ministering to men and women dealing with that as well. Interestingly in our low-tech ministry centers our men and women are forced to talk and to relate to one another. That can be a slow process at first, but they can learn to relate to their fellow sojourners and that is a great thing. If they can learn to relate to and love their fellow man who they have seen it helps them to see God who they have not seen.

Will: How will the Haven continue seeing God at work?

Stu: We stand on the truth and the basics, as long as we do that we will grow and see God at work. As we are faithful to God, He is faithful to us and gives us fruit for our labors. This is a faith ministry and what we have found is that God honors faith because faith honors God. We are so thankful for the support of the community, support which we depend on because we do not receive government funding for our programs.

May God grant us all an ability to recognize His good news.

To find out more about Haven of Rest Ministries or to make a donation please visit

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