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Daniel Builders personnel discuss the Guide Design Build process in podcast format.

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Daniel Builders personnel discuss the Guide Design Build process in podcast format.

You've likely heard of a "Design-Build" contractor. Design-Build is a time-tested process for getting architect, designer, and builder on the same page. If done correctly, the process creates a cohesive, cost effective and efficient renovation experience. At Daniel Builders we've enhanced the Design-Build process by adding Project Guides to assist clients from the very beginning. We call our process "Guide-Design-Build". A Project Guide educates and advises each client before they move their project into Design. Recently, we recorded a podcast about the Guide-Design portion of our process. We invite you listen here or watch (& Subscribe) here on our YouTube channel. You'll learn how we take beautiful renovation ideas and translate them into a buildable Design. You’ll also hear our Project Guide Director, Daniel Jachens, share his passion for providing sound renovation guidance and eliminating manipulative sales tactics, our Design Director, Andy DeLeonardis, discuss the value of a well-crafted Design package and the gifted Interior Designer, Cindy Jacques, discussing how her business Buttercup Designs can make the whole process even more delightful.

We invite you to listen and subscribe to our podcast “Ready, Set, Renovate!” but if reading is more your thing, here are 7 reasons why Project Guides make the renovation process better.

  1. Guidance > Hard Selling - There may be someone out there who loves being coerced by an aggressive salesperson, but don't. People benefit more from useful information so they can make an informed decision. This is what our Project Guides provide.

  2. Trust > Distrust - Yes, that’s obvious but can’t be overstated. It’s easy to forget the importance of Trust until you find yourself working with someone who has little concern for your best interest. Then suddenly you recall how important it is.

  3. Planning > Rash Decisions - A home-altering custom renovation is a big deal. Making rapid, uniformed decisions about this process would be a massive mistake. Project Guides provide good counsel to help you as you plan.

  4. Experience > Novelty - So many lessons are learned the “hard way” or after making a mistake because you just didn’t know better. Imagine how much grief could be avoided if people who knew better were informing those who didn’t. Our Project Guides use a wealth of knowledge gleaned from years of Daniel Builders experience so clients can avoid the hard way.

  5. Confidence > Hopium - People who have done it before are confident they can do it again. People who are confident with no prior experience are just wishful. A major custom renovation is nerve racking enough. A proven renovation contractor provides added confidence as you move forward with your renovation.

  6. Warning > Regret - Not every renovation idea is a good idea. There are times when a Project Guide will advise against moving forward with a renovation. For example, a major custom renovation is a bad idea for the client who plans to move in a few years. A well placed warning can ensure you reach your renovation destination without regret.

  7. Relationship > Isolation - We’re in this for the long haul. We encourage clients to share questions and concerns, as opposed to letting them speculate in isolation. From the outset our team is dedicated to being approachable and relational far beyond the completion of their project.

Are you contemplating a major home renovation? Speak with a Daniel Builders project guide by calling 864.506.5546 and discuss the best path forward for your custom renovation or get your renovation started here!

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