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Build trust in tangible ways.

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The forethought necessary to renovate and repair your home after storm damage has occurred. Here are 7 ways to approach storm damage to your home.

Earlier this month we hosted approximately 60 guests at our first Lunch & Renovate event. For those unable to attend, our event was designed to build deeper relationships of trust. That should sound familiar because the tagline “Building Trust” is on our trucks and marketing material. This tagline has become somewhat of an obsession. We're passionate about establishing and protecting relationships of trust, which leads to some obvious questions. Why all the emphasis on trust? What Return on Investment (ROI) does trust offer? After all, why obsess about trust when actual results are more important? (Short answer: the best results require trust. I’ll elaborate.) Here’s 7 reasons why we obsess over building trust.

  1. Trust Enhances Clarity. Clear expectations are established and fulfilled when there’s trust. This prevents unproductive habits of speculation and guesswork.

  2. Trust Establishes Stability. "Surprises" can derail a project. A relationship of trust addresses small problems before they become big problems. The result is stability and decreased anxiety.

  3. Trust Enables Efficiency. Trustworthy people follow through on commitments. Less time is wasted “back tracking” to deal with incomplete work.

  4. Trust Expands Potential. People who interact and operate on a strong foundation of trust accomplish more together than individually. If you want to tap into one of the greatest resources on the planet (people) you’ll need trust.

  5. Trust Empowers Communication. Trusting someone means you ask and answer straightforward questions without feeling threatened. You can also listen wholeheartedly without doubts in your mind.

  6. Trust Ensures Protection. A trusting relationship is characterized by “looking out” for the other person. That involves guarding against potential threats to their resources, reputation, or family.

  7. Trust Endures Setbacks. Encountering problems is a great litmus test for trust. When bad things happen true relationships of trust are revealed, and real help can be provided.

Bottom line: Trust Enriches Relationships. We realize building trust requires time, patience, and effort - all of which we gladly give to establish relationships. We also realize broken trust is hard to earn back. This is why we quickly acknowledge mistakes and make every effort to correct them. We are committed to seek, protect, and ultimately build trust. In case you haven't noticed, your trust is quite valuable to us!

Are you contemplating a major home renovation? Speak with a Daniel Builders project guide by calling 864.506.5546 and discuss the best path forward for your custom renovation or get your renovation started here!

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