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The ground rules of a Guide Design Build custom renovation.

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The ground rules of a Guide Design Build custom renovation.


Don't be hurt by a little dirt. Work sites can get messy. Keep in mind it is a WORKSPACE, and some dust & debris is expected. Trades and carpenters are responsible to maintain a level of cleanliness, organization, and safety, but deep cleaning and detailing happens after the work is complete.

Stick to the scope. Existing imperfections not addressed in the scope of work will still exist at the end of a renovation. Examples include: Trim not replaced or painted will still have old paint & stain imperfections. Foundation problems will negatively impact a new renovation potentially causing floors not to be level and walls out of square. Marginal electrical and plumbing won’t improve unless included in the renovation scope.

Acknowledge the unknown. There is no way to know for certain what is inside existing walls, ceilings, and floors until they are open and exposed.

See colors change. Paint & stain colors appear different based on lighting, surface type, material type (wood, brick, Hardie plank, etc.) and even angle of viewing.

Give up match making. Matching an existing stain perfectly is impossible.

Blend in, but not seamlessly. Seams are part of a countertop hard surfaces. They can blend into the surface but can not be completely invisible.


Anticipate inactivity. Sometimes on-site physical activity slows to a halt, and that doesn't always indicate a scheduling delay. Actual delays (those that push back the project end date) will be communicated by the Project Manager.

Permit a permitting delay. Local permitting and inspection offices operate on a schedule outside the General Contractor’s control, which may contribute to scheduling delays.

Weather the storms. Poor weather negatively impacts a renovation schedule.

Specialize in patience when special ordering. Special orders have been known to create scheduling delays. Delivery and product condition of a special-order impact when it can be installed.

Expect a variety of inspectors. Different code inspectors interpret codes differently. Sometimes satisfying a particular inspector requires extra time, effort, and possibly, unexpected modifications.

Stay ahead of invoicing. Invoices are issued prior to milestones, but due at the milestone. This form of proactive scheduling keeps your project moving efficiently.


Pinpoint your project point person. Communicating directly with trades can unknowingly complicate a renovation. Keep communication channels clear and current with an appropriate point person, or Project Manager.

Get routine updates. Expect (at minimum) weekly written updates from your Project Manager. Anything longer and small problems grow into large problems.

Don't let concerns linger. Immediately notify your Project Manager if you see a problem. If your concerns go unresolved, notify the Production Superintendent. If still unresolved, go to the business Owners. Unresolved concerns break down trust, and makes for a miserable experience.

Communicate what you don't appreciate. Trades and carpenters are meant to uphold the values of your General Contractor. When that doesn't occur a project manager needs to be notified. Renovation teams are only as strong as their weakest link, so definitely communicate if someone acts "out of character" with the business.

Make progress accessible. Communicate any special instructions for gaining access to the work site throughout the day. An extra set of keys or lock box is helpful. Being unable to access all aspects of a job site creates production delays.

Help them help you. Communicate any unique needs involving pets, noise, dust, etc. prior to the renovation. This info keeps everyone safe and comfortable throughout construction.

Outline the "off limits". Communicate areas not suitable for dumpsters, parking, portable toilet, and staging materials prior to the start of the project. The less time spent moving stuff means more time spent being productive.

Minimize outside damage. Communicate any special landscaping needs outside your home. Keeping your yard from damage is a top priority during a major renovation.

Are you contemplating a major home renovation? Speak with a Daniel Builders project guide by calling 864.506.5546 and discuss the best path forward for your custom renovation or get your renovation started here!

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