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While your deck is top of mind, it’s a good idea to do a deck safety evaluation. 

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Warm weather has arrived, and at this time of the year it’s not uncommon to say, “Let’s go out on the deck!”  While your deck is top of mind, it’s a good idea to do a deck safety evaluation.  After all, May is “National Deck Safety Month”.  Here is a checklist provided by the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) regarding what to look for when inspecting your deck.

  • Evaluate flashing - NADRA describes flashing as “a metal or plastic guard that directs water out and away from sensitive areas. It’s often installed where the deck and house come together, keeping moisture and debris from collecting between the house and the deck’s ledger board.”[1] If you notice standing water in this area on your deck, you may need to replace the flashing.

Deck Flashing and Ledger Board - Daniel Builders

  • Evaluate wood surfaces - Even when a deck is built with composite materials, some aspects of the structure are still built using wood.  For example, the ledger board will likely be made of wood.  It’s often the culprit of deck failure. [Photo: Waller Before 1.jpg] Also inspect the decking, joists, posts, railing, banisters, and stairs for holes and decay. Holes can indicate an insect problem.  There are three easy tests for rot and decay. 1) Can a screwdriver pierce the wood ¼ - ½ inch deep? 2) Does the wood splinter or break off in a clump? Splinters are a good sign that rot hasn’t set in. 3) Are any areas of the wood moist, spongy, or damp?

Deck Rot - Daniel Builders

  • Evaluate the fasteners - [Wooden Board – EnvatoStock.jpg] Evaluate fasteners, nails, and screws for corrosion. Rusty fasteners should be replaced as they can cause the wood to deteriorate.   Nails and screws should be flush with the surface. Fasteners should be tight.

Rotten Deck  - Daniel Builders

  • Evaluate the stairs - Nothing could be a bigger safety hazard than insecure stair treads, risers, stringers, and railings (especially when the deck is high off the ground). [Photo: Waller Loose Handrail.jpg] If the riser area is open, the opening should not be larger than 4 inches. Keep stairways clear to prevent potential tripping hazards.

Deck Stairs - Daniel Builders

  • Evaluate potential fire hazards - Be aware of the proximity of heat sources to flammable items. Read through manufacturer guidelines for grills, fire pits, etc. to review best practices for general safety and operating distance. Adjust placement if necessary.  Lighting and electrical outlets are also included in this category. Outdoor electrical elements should adhere to code, be in working order, and be childproof.

Deck Fire Pit - Daniel Builders

  • Evaluate outdoor furniture and storage - Ensure furniture, swings, and hammocks are in good working order.  Secure grilling and chemical products out of reach of children.

Family Eating on a Deck  - Daniel Builders

  • Evaluate the surrounding trees - Contact an arborist to prevent accidents due to falling limbs.

Deck Patio - Daniel Builders

Have a question about your deck or are you looking to build a new deck? Speak with a Daniel Builders project guide by calling 864.506.5546 and discuss the best path forward for your custom renovation or get your renovation started here! 


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