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Here are a few reasons to remodel older homes in Greenville, South Carolina.

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Daniel Builders proudly serves Greenville, South Carolina. Many homes in Greenville, SC are being remodeled, that’s because of the number of homes, especially around downtown Greenville that have reached the stage where they are ready to be remodeled. When does a home reach this point and become ready or “ripe” for a custom home remodel. No exact date exists.


Some homes age gracefully, others start falling apart while still under construction. Most custom Home remodeling is more about upgrading than repairing. Like a refurbished iPhone, a well remodeled home will be in good working order for many years to come.


Here are a few reasons to remodel older homes in Greenville, South Carolina:


Home is Deteriorating

Leaks, rot, termite damage, or damage from destructive forces of nature need to be addressed or they will only get worse. Should damage be addressed later than sooner, a major remodel will likely be necessary. You never truly know how bad or extensive the damage is until you start tearing into walls. What else will a look “behind the walls” reveal? More rot? Sketchy framing? Or even dead rodents (we’ve seen them before)? After a remodeling project is underway, finding more issues trigger what’s referred to as a change order. Again, these issues are always best to fix before they get more costly.


You Found Your Forever Home

How long do you plan to live in your home? If you’re thinking less than 5 more years a major remodel doesn’t make sense. Recouping money you invest in a custom remodel is less likely should you sell your home soon (less than 5 years as a minimum). Although when you plan on staying for a long while or make it your “forever home” then an expensive remodel makes more sense. Knowing a good realtor is helpful when projecting the worth of your home after a major remodel.


More Space is Needed

A growing family and recently acquired stuff have something in common. They both require space. How will you find more space? Options are limited. Storage units for the stuff sometimes makes sense, but not for putting family members in. Adding space to your home could be the right option.


More Functional Space is Needed

More space doesn’t always equate to more functional space. Functional spaces are rooms or areas designed with a specific purpose in mind, such as a home office, a kitchen, or a living room. When creating functional spaces everything is designed with the purpose of the room in mind. For example, designing a mudroom when need to have the function of taking off dirty clothes, washing hands, washing and folding clothes in mind.


You Love Your Home’s Location

Just about everything within a home can be designed the way you want it. Changing where the home is located is exponentially more difficult. There are times when a homeowner loves there location so much they stay put even while not being crazy about the house.


You Know a Guy

Not everyone who claims to possess high end remodeling abilities, can. Let’s face it remodeling projects can get highly complex, not to mention your home is at risk when you allow someone to start doing stuff they don’t know how to do. Always best to ensure you have a qualified remodeling contractor before starting a remodel. Once you do, then you have a fantastic reason to remodel. Read more on how to find and choose a reliable renovation contractor for your home remodel here.


You Can Vacate or Tolerate Living Through A Home Remodel

Your patience will likely be tried when you live in a home that “under construction”. Some mind more than others. If you possess a high degree of flexibility with this type of scenario then great, full steam ahead with your remodel. If having carpenters and construction debris in your home for months makes you high agitated to think about then you may want to reconsider your remodeling plans. The best scenario is always being able to vacate the home until the remodel is complete. Unfortunately, not everyone has this option.


All Decision Makers Are Unified

Starting a remodel without having consensus among married couples is a recipe for misery. Sorting out the differences is an awkward place for a remodel contractor. Don’t rely on them for marriage counseling. Family tension, frustration, and strife can sabotage a home remodel quicker than anything. It’s best to have everyone in agreement (fully in agreement) before considering a start date.


You Are Financially Prepared

Major custom remodels aren’t cheap and trying to “get a bargain” is a lost cause. Gambling with your home in this way is a bad idea. Poor craftsmanship and rework cost a lot! As a rule trying to find shortcuts to the home of your dreams is a bad idea. Major Home remodeling doesn’t happen overnight, or in a week, or even a few weeks. It’s a large investment in terms of money and time, lasting months.


To summarize remodeling in Greenville, South Carolina is a big decision. Making the right decision happens when you consider the following questions:


Is your home in need of major repair?

How long do you plan to live in the home?

Do you need more space?

Do you love your home’s location, but not crazy about your home’s design and layout?

Do you know a competent remodeling contractor or general contractor?

Are you ok living in a home under construction? Or can you vacate your home?


Are you considering a major home remodel, and have plenty of good reasons to get started? Speak with a Daniel Builders project guide by calling 864.506.5546 and discuss the best path forward for your custom renovation or get your renovation started here!


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