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Wondering where to start your remodel?

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At Daniel Builders we’re fortunate to have great employees who understand a simple principle: successful remodels require careful planning and communication. In this blog you’ll meet Vicki Jordan, the first point of contact with our prospective clients. If you’re wondering where to start your remodel, Vicki provides valuable insight on the beginning of the process!


Building Trust Blog (BTB): How are phone conversations between a general contractor and prospective clients typically arranged?


Vicki: People start the process via our website, by going to the Getting Started form. Once that form is completed, I email them and set up a time for our initial phone call.


BTB: What conversation topics are discussed during the initial phone call?


Vicki: We discuss their project ideas based on the overview they provide via the Getting Started form. During the first phone call, we clarify a few important details including the scope of work. It’s very conversational. The prospective client may be interested in a home addition, a basement conversion, a home remodel, or a commercial remodel. We’ve also helped clients who wanted to build an accessory dwelling unit / tiny house in their backyard!


BTB: How do you determine who is a good fit for the Daniel Builders remodeling process?


Vicki: We value our process and have seen it produce many successful remodels and additions. If someone sees the benefit of our process, it’s a good indicator they’re the right fit for Daniel Builders. If someone attempts to eliminate steps in our process, another general contractor is likely a better fit for them.


BTB: Are you saying Daniel Builders won’t ever modify their remodeling process?


Vicki: Not at all. We can and do make special arrangements for our clients. Time constraints are one of the most common accommodations we make. For example, we have planned remodeling projects around a client’s surgery to ensure that they could recover without construction noise. A second accommodation we often make is the meeting format. While we prefer face-to-face contact for its relational value, we serve many clients who remodel a local property while living in another area of the country. In these situations, we provide updates via email and video conferencing. We also provide photos via our online platform so the client can stay informed of our team’s real-time progress. In these instances, it’s best when the client is very responsive and available throughout the remodeling process.


BTB: What other topics are discussed during the initial call?


Vicki: I ask about past remodeling experiences, expectations, and budget. Quoting happens later in our process, but I can provide a benchmark for a particular area of the home – general bathroom remodel cost or kitchen remodel cost, for example. I also ask how they heard about Daniel Builders.


BTB: How long does this initial conversation typically last?


Vicki: Somewhere between 15 to 30 minutes.


BTB: What happens after your conversation?


Vicki: If a project seems like the right fit for both parties, I schedule a Project Vision Meeting (PVM). I also send a survey to the client to help our design team better understand their preferences. During the PVM meeting, one of our team members (a Project Guide) visits the client at their home for about an hour, maybe two, depending on the size of the remodel.


BTB: Then what happens?


Vicki: A week or two after the PVM, the client will receive a broad scope of work and a range of cost for the project. If the client is comfortable with the scope of work and projected range, they sign a Design agreement and move into our Design phase.


BTB: How long does the Design process take?


Vicki: It depends on the scope, complexity of the remodel, and the client’s availability to make selections and decisions. It can be anywhere from a month to four months. When Design is complete, the client receives a detailed scope of work, architectural drawings (if necessary), a complete list of all the selections, and a fixed price quote. At this point, the client signs a Build agreement and moves into the Build phase. Much effort goes into the Design process, so the client can know exactly what they are getting. Clarity for everyone involved is important to eliminate surprises during Build. This approach is all part of how we’re Building Trust.


BTB: What is best part of your role?


Vicki: I enjoy getting to know our clients, hearing their stories, and learning about their passions. I especially love explaining how we build trust through our workmanship warranty and weekly updates. Clients find our responsiveness very reassuring, especially clients who don’t live at the property full-time. For clients who plan to reside at the site during the remodel, I enjoy assuring them that our team is sensitive and respectful of their privacy, especially when it comes to aging parents and young children. We truly value client feedback that discusses not just the quality of our work but the relationships we have built and how our clients felt while interacting with our team.


How might your home or condo benefit from a Guide-Design-Build remodel? Speak with a Daniel Builders project guide by calling 864.506.5546 and discuss the best path forward for your custom renovation or get your renovation started here! 

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