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Here are five ways for your home to take in more of the great outdoors.

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Enclosed Luxury Sunroom - Daniel Builders

Better weather is rapidly approaching, are you prepared to enjoy it? Have you considered adding a sunroom or an all season room to your home? A sunroom is a perfect complement to your patio installation. What options do you have when it comes to remodeling or adding space conducive to soaking up the sun? Daniel Builders is your trusted sunroom builder and here are 5 different sunrooms we can provide.


Sunroom Bump Out Addition

A bump out is an addition that expands the square footage of an existing room, as opposed to constructing a whole new room. This makes it significantly smaller and less expensive than a full-scale addition. First-floor main living spaces, such as living rooms and dining areas on the rear of the home, are candidates for bump out additions.


Enclosed Porch

In general, this is the least expensive way to add a sunroom, as it’s possible to leverage the infrastructure of your existing porch. Unfortunately, this option doesn’t work for every porch. You’ll need to check with a reputable builder to ensure the foundation can support the enclosed structure. Insulation, drywall, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC (though it’s possible to use existing) are also necessary considerations when transforming a porch into a sunroom.


Porch Addition

An addition is a two-phase, long-term approach. A full-scale addition requires a larger financial investment, as it is likely to require a six-figure budget. Longer build time is also a factor to consider, as this option involves creating a completely new structure. The first phase of that process is getting architectural plans. A robust Design phase clarifies needs prior to breaking ground on a porch addition. At Daniel Builders, design phase deliverables include renderings, a detailed scope of work, a list of selections, and a fixed price. After the design is approved, the project moves into the build phase.



A conservatory is distinct from a sunroom. Originating in 15th century England, conservatories are characterized by walls and ceilings made of 50-75% glass. Their main function is to nurture indoor plants, and they are also commonly referred to as greenhouses. As a result of the growing popularity of gardening, the construction of conservatories has increased. Trusted design-build contractors, like Daniel Builders, can construct a custom conservatory and create the architectural design.


Detached Sunroom

The options here are endless and cross over into the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) category. Daniel Builders is your trusted ADU builder. And can design and build a variety of detached ADUs such as pool houses, tiny houses, cottages, and other structures utilized as secondary dwelling options to the main residence. In the case of a detached sunroom, the concept is generally the same. Although they’re not built with all the features of a home, these sunrooms allow families to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of a detached, conditioned space.


For residents of Upstate SC (Seneca, Anderson, Greenville), Daniel Builders will seamlessly match your home's existing architecture to create a detached space your family will love! 

Are you looking for a sunroom contractor or an ADU contractor or do you have an idea for a custom sunroom? Speak with a Daniel Builders project guide by calling 864.506.5546 and discuss the best path forward for your custom renovation or get your renovation started here! 

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