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Ezra Greene & Sam Parkinson take demolition seriously.

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You can't mess-up demo, right? Demo is an important element in the Guide Design Build process. Ezra Greene and Sam Parkinson are guests on the Ready, Set, Renovate podcast.

Wrong! The reality is you can mess-up demo, and yes, it can lead to substantial collateral damage. Contrary to HGTV’s portrayal (i.e. young couple gleefully wielding a sledgehammer), demo actually requires serious forethought. Recently, we recorded a podcast with two people who know demo, Sam Parkinson of Daniel Builders and Ezra Green of Ezra Construction. Listen as they discuss “construction in reverse” on “Ready, Set, Renovate!” or watch (& Subscribe) on our YouTube channel.

You’ll hear 3 recurring themes from Ezra & Sam regarding demo - Safety, Strategy and Salvaging.

  1. Safety - It comes first with good reason. Safety is the highest priority during demo. Life & limb go on the line during demo, and no renovation is worth that cost! The right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) goes a long way to ensuring that happen. You'll also want to know some basic safety guidelines, much of which can be found online.

  2. Strategy - Doing anything haphazardly is ill-advised, especially residential demolition. Outlining a sequence of events for dismantling your old kitchen or bathroom is the right approach. In addition to lowering frustration, a clear strategy for demo also enhances job site cleanliness/organization.

  3. Salvaging - Not everything has to be destroyed. Some of it is salvageable. Maybe you see those old cabinets as worthless, but they're valuable to someone. Stores like the Haven of Rest Thrift Store and Habitat for Humanity’s Restore are often happy to receive these donations. Plus, they have personnel to haul it away for you.

Contemplating a major renovation? Speak with a Daniel Builders project guide by calling 864.506.5546 and discuss the best path forward for your custom renovation or get your renovation started here!

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