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Understand the Design Build advantage before your undergoes a custom renovation.

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A Design Build approach is highly advisable when your home is about to undergo a custom renovation. What makes a major renovation stressful? Well, for starters, a lot of money (not to mention your home) is at stake. Then you have an endless list of “what ifs?” Like, what if my contractor and I aren't on the same page? Or, what if we have unknown expenses? What if the finished project doesn't come close to what we expected?

It's not hard to see how quickly stress can build. Renovation stress needs to be addressed well before a project begins. Failure to get clarity may result is some serious misery. Daniel Builders addresses renovation stress with a Design-Build approach. Design-Build is a process that allows our customers to “kick the tires” (so to speak) before committing to a major renovation. Here’s how it works. We start the process by listening. We carefully listen to you describe your project in your own words. This usually happens in a meeting at your home. After you articulate your renovation ideas and a general budget, we craft a Design/Build agreement. The agreement guarantees 3 important deliverables - a detailed scope, plans (and possibly renderings) and a price.

So how does Design-Build minimize renovation stress? Here are 5 stress-reducing reasons to choose Design-Build for your next major renovation.

Clarifies Expectations - In renovation work the phrase “I didn’t expect...” is usually followed by something negative. Like, I didn’t expect my project to take so long. Or I didn’t expect my contractor to use such cheap materials. And the sword is double edged. Contractors can easily feel the same way when customers aren't communicating. Successful renovations require both parties share the same expectations. A Design/Build approach clarifies the design, scope, cost, material selections and timeline so those “I didn’t expect…” conversations don’t happen.

Saves Time and Money - Without a detailed scope, design, and quote you're basing your renovation on a lot of assumptions. Assuming anything in a renovation is risky, and often leads to re-work (ie. doing it over), which is time-consuming and costly. Who ultimately pays for re-work? The contractor? The customer? Both to some degree. Design-Build allows you to avoid this troublesome scenario altogether by clarifying scope, design, and quote before construction begins. Design-Build also allows the contractor to provide input early in the design process. Having a contractor participate in the design phase ensures the project is feasible. This approach puts contractor and architect on the “same page” from the start.

Simplifies the Process - As the diagram indicates, a Design-Build approach creates fewer steps in the renovation process. Translation: it’s efficient. The customer isn’t required to evaluate and coordinate among architects, engineers (if necessary), and contractors bidding on the project. Instead, every step of the project is predetermined to eliminate unnecessary steps.

Design-Build Diagram Compared to Traditional Method Diagram - Daniel Builders

Provides an Exact Price - Ever experience sticker shock? Sticker shock occurs when you're billed much more than you expected. Not fun. Better to know the price before it’s too late. This is exactly why “estimates” are so dangerous. They typically change, and often in an upward direction. A quote based on a Design-Build approach doesn’t change. All factors contributing to cost (such as time, materials, and labor) are carefully calculated based on your budget. Only one person can change your price - you.

Creates Peace of Mind - Uncertainty leads to stress. Design/Build removes uncertainty and clarifies the outcome. As mentioned earlier, its the closest thing to “kicking the tires” the renovation world has to offer. Knowing the outcome allows you to relax and turn your attention to more important matters. Like how much you, your family and friends will enjoy your newly renovated home!

Are you contemplating a major home renovation? Speak with a Daniel Builders project guide by calling 864.506.5546 and discuss the best path forward for your custom renovation or get your renovation started here!

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