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Choosing the right window treatments for your space and your needs is an art.

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A room can go from being dark to being filled with natural light almost instantly. Choosing the right window treatments for your space and your needs is an art. Selecting the wrong window treatments can make a space seem incomplete and the windows look like an afterthought.

“Dressing your windows is both about form and function. Yes, it is a vital finishing piece to make your space look aesthetically complete and even show personality, but it also gives you control over the light, ambiance, view and temperature in the room.” says Hailey Evans owner of Design Your Dream. Here are five qualities to consider when selecting window treatments.

  1. Precision is a Prerequisite - The precision of the window treatments is necessary as it corresponds to the shape of the existing windows. Getting specific here involves knowing what type of window frame, as well as home style, receiving the treatment. For example, an arched window may take a valance treatment with overlapping fabric for high-end spaces versus standard slat blinds. The treatments that are tailored to "fit all" are useful for standard but windows with more character and flare should exude their potential.

  2. Durability is Indispensable - When choosing your options for your windows, durability is a must since it will be utilized daily. Quality material will contribute not only to the look of the treatment but also to its functionality. Materials to consider are wood, bamboo, and metal hardware, whereas sheer fabric or heavy drapery won’t be your best option.

  3. Functionality is Fundamental - What are your needs? Answering that question will narrow your search to the window treatment required. Select a treatment based on your comforts and everyday use. For some, privacy can be the focus while others tend toward blackout curtains for their young kids or request patterned curtains over Roman shades. Either way, a selection will be based on how the room will be utilized, as well as what maximizes comfort.

  4. Beauty is a Basic Necessity - Functionality is important, but a treatment must also provide just the right visual aesthetic. The pitfall would be comprising the overall look of the space. If items are competing, it creates a chaotic and overwhelming environment. On the contrary, a window treatment that suits the space ensures a calming and welcoming environment.

  5. Safety is Most Significant - Safety is an essential consideration, especially when young children live in the home. Faulty hardware or installation malfunctions are potential hazards. Being aware of safety pitfalls prior to selecting the treatment leads to selecting the right treatment without regret. Even treatments for a bachelor pad require an awareness of safety implications.

Are you considering a major custom remodel of your home? Getting the window treatments right are very much part of a successful Guide-Design-Build remodel. Our process ensures you receive professional interior design guidance. Speak with a Daniel Builders project guide by calling 864.506.5546 and discuss the best path forward for your custom renovation or get your renovation started here!

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