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Mechanic Street - Kitchen Renovation - Daniel Builders


Must-See Documentary | Pendleton, SC

This home was originally constructed over 100 years ago. Daniel Builders performed a full remodel of this beautiful historic home utilizing a Guide-Design-Build process. The house was stripped down to the studs and expanded with a two-story addition, resulting in an increase of total living space from 2,200 square feet to 3,900 square space. The remodel incorporated many reclaimed materials to achieve a finished product that harkens back to the home’s original construction. The beam and mantle in the living room were crafted from old framing materials, while the wainscoting in the dining room was made from reclaimed paneling salvaged from the old addition that was demolished. The ceiling and fireplace in the master bedroom were also constructed using reused materials. Attention to detail and commitment to maintaining the original character is immediately evident upon entering the home. The additional square footage (1700 square feet) enhances functionality while bolstering the home’s historic charm. Modern and classic design elements are beautifully blended to endure for decades to come.

Another 100 Years - Final Installment!

Another 100 Years - Final Installment!

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